Compass or a Map? Where mght you end up?

There are so many choices out in our communities aren’t their? Some times we just want someone to give us the directions so we can get on with the job and not have to make another decision. These parts of our life journey are of fraught with stress and stain. At these times we want to be given a map or give out maps, with clear and detailed directions.  There are times when maps are useful and we get a task done. I put out the challenge though that there is a far more satisfying approach that leads to the possibilities of dwelling on the horizon.

The concept of being a compass is fascinating when linked with the concept of a life journey as a horizon dweller. A compass provides bearings and points of reference. Leadership that drawns on providing points of reference rather than clear, step by step, directions increases possibilities 100 fold. I can hear that voice in my head saying, but steps get the job done! It gets a measured job done that is correct. What about the unexplored possibilities of the job though? If leaders provide the correct bearings and points of reference, for example a powerful vision, then the possibilities of what might be finally delivered are endless.

In my work as an educational leader I see this possiblity presented to me every day. Do I give my teachers a map or a compass with a clear vision? The CEO at my work place is often a compass for me. He shares with me the vision and then gives me the compass to create the possibilities of my journey. Do I do this for my team? I am slowly getting there. Each day as I trust my team to be the best they can, the less I need them to be using the map. Not always easy. I know the big boss has grown in this too as I perosnally experience the freedom being a compass bearer brings.

One thing I have found being a compass bearer is that I am always looking up in stead of down. The compass leads me to naturally look to whats ahead, to look for the mountain tops. A map keeps my head down and gets me lost in the details of the present. As a Horizon Dweller I want my head to be up and my eyes, mind and passions being engaged with what lies ahead. I do not want to be bowed and burried.

What would you rather? Mountain top expereinces or lost in the daily grind. So challenge yourself – be a compass not a map!