Today I met with an outstanding leader, Peter King! He is a humble man with a vision and hope for all who he encounters. I was privileged to have a conversation with him about leadership.  He shared his story. It is inspiring!  He shared with me a couple of key thoughts  about leadership. I was very interested with the way it linked  with the concept of being a horizon dweller.

Peter used an image from when he was in the navy.  His captain would say to him while he was, on the bridge, steering the ship’ “If you want to know how you are going, look back and check out your wake!” If it was straight then Peter was on track. If it was all over the place then he had some work to do on correcting his path, he way ahead. Peter mentioned to me that leadership is similar to this idea. If we want to know how our leadership is going then we should look back and see what is behind.  This will help us correct our steering, but it will also help and encourage us to see where we have come from so we are empowered and enthusiastic for the next part of the journey.

Being a horizon dweller means that we must consider our position so that we can travel actively and strategically ahead. Being a horizon dweller means that the past is as important as the future. It does not mean that we get stuck in the past but rather fueled by its lessons and achievements.

I want to be an active part of my future. I do not want it to just happen to me. I know other horizon dwellers with this same desire. What is your desire? If you want your ship to be on course to great things then look back check your wake and actively make the right adjustments so that the future is powerful and effective.

PS I know the photo isnt a wake… but I didnt have a photo of a wake on hand. 🙂