Look ever so carefully at this brilliant Nat Geo pic. It is amazing. Look very closely and see something totally different. Do you observe the change to the immediate? Amazing how the shadow is larger than the camel. The shadow distracts for the real thing… or does it? That which we first see can be very different after a good hard observation!

During a recent trip OS I had the opportunity to observe some amazing people at work. These people were so passionate about their focus and goals in life. I was inspired to reflect on my own focus and goals so much so that I was left in a place of uncertainty about where I was positioned in life.

The most powerful thing about being placed in this reflective space is that I had a chance to critically reflect on where I  originally adopted my focus and goals and was that still valid or was a change needed.

Too often I hear complaints about what needs to happen. I very rarely hear ‘this is how I am going to influence towards the vision’! So with this in mind I started to reflect on my own professional placement and practice.

Observing others in their professional practice is a great tool for igniting this journey. As I carefully observed the word, action and payoff of these leaders I realised that a sense of self was the most striking feature.

This sense of self was the determining factor in all these leaders ability to lead. Some found their sense of self firmly grounded in their skills, knowledge and abilities. While others found their sense of self in their role.Still others found their sense of self within and therefore not conditional to place, time or action.

It intrigued me, this last group! There were far less in this group than any other. They were purposefully driven by an innate sense of contribution. It was not swayed by people’s opinions or responses to their action. They were able to stand their ground confidently and purposefully, with dignity.

The dark side to this might be an overwhelming sense of ones own self-importance. But in these leaders this was not yet to be found.

So my reposition state found me unpacking my ontology, rediscovering what it is that I bring to my role. This is the element that will make the purposeful difference.  Holding on to temporal things is an offering that will soon be superseded. It must be confidence of what’s within that will be lasting.

Attitude not so much of aptitude!

Perception not so much of my perspective !

Confidence not so much of control!

Horizon dwellers know well the importance and uniqueness of this distinction. Holding on is vastly different from simply being!