This photo came from National Geographic ‘photo of the month’. It is a image of glacial waters in Iceland, entitled ‘Resilient Beauty’. I find it to be quite mesmerizing.

Looking carefully at the rushing waters spilling over the edge of the glacier you can imagine the power it carries with it to move, erode or totally transform all that may lay in its way. However, in the forefront of the image you can see a lone rock sustaining life. This is powerful imagery!

Natural power can be overwhelming. It does not concern itself with people or places. If it is time for action, then it acts regardless of the hour. It often brings with it a force which few can recon with. It is spontaneous, potent and seemingly ruthless. It’s source seems to be amazingly strong and without limitation.  Life can sometimes feel like this kind of natural power is coming about us!?

So how can this power be sourced and managed?

This is a  question I was pondering when looking at this image. How can this rock and it’s life form stand the relentlessness of its place in life? Then I got to thinking how do we, as Horizon Dwellers, do the same in our life situations?

There is one thing that we can be assured of.  The foundation of this rock is stronger than the force which is coming against it. As such it is a place of deep strength and its sustainability is totally reliable. The life that is consequently dependent on it is able to flourish and blossom. Become it’s fulfilled purpose!

We need to find that deep, sustainable strength to be a place where we can maintain our sense of place and personhood. There are many sources of sustainable strength: faith, loved ones, places of retreat. Whatever it is for you, you must be thoroughly purposeful and diligent in maintaining your connectivity with it. This source will mean your journey will be sustainable .  Anything less will result in  fracturing as external forces relentlessly push their way into our lives.  We will become a known place of hope and a challenger to anchor into their source of personal power. This is our resilient beauty. The beauty of resilience!

Horizon Dwellers are not overwhelmed by their present. Horizon Dwellers go to their source and anchor themselves so that they can steadfastly face the challenge, look to their hope and reach their potential. Horizon Dwellers find, like the rock and life in this image, that they are sustainably strong and consequently viably rich for life to prosper because of their powerful  anchorage into their deep sources of strength.

Challenge: Find your source, reconnect and maintain the connectivity, bring hope and life to your situation and others.