Great question, glad you asked!

When planning a recent trip to Paris I was thinking about the amount of preparation time it took to ensure that I had a fantastic time. I had to think about what I wanted out of the trip and how I was going to achieve this.

I needed to consider whom I was going on the trip with and what they wanted out of it. We had to get together and plan this adventure together. We had lots of discussions over dinners and glasses of wine to ensure that we were all happy with the hopeful outcome of the trip.

I also had to make sure all my travel documents were in order. Did my passport have more than six months before expiry? I needed to make sure all tickets were printed and in order.

I needed to check out Paris weather so I had some idea as to what I needed to pack.

I needed to make sure that my bags were of the right size and weight.

We also spent considerable time reading up on Paris and all that it had to offer. We made an itinerary, which gave me some guidance around what was open on which day. It also served, as a bit of a checklist to ensure I didn’t miss out on any thing.

It wasn’t a hard a fast program, other than the pre ordered tickets to places and events, but rather a big picture of the journey and its possibilities.

All up it was a lot of pleasurable work. Every moment I grew more excited by the possibilities of the trip, the journey we were about to embark on.

The more my friends and I planned the more the excitement grew. We inspired each other with new possibilities

Our combined creatively was going to be our currency for this trip.

So how does this map back to change management? In fact it maps with superb simplicity!

The management of change is virtually the same process. All we need to do it exchange so key phrases to match the context.

Trip purpose = shared vision, outcomes and principles

Planning (people, places, events) for success = communication with key people, plan with the key people, plan in key events, plan key places where change will occur in or will be impacted by

Passport, tickets and itinerary = Documentation sets a direction out for all to engage with. It allows transparency and the opportunity to take stock to ensure nothing is missed. It keeps accountability highly visible.

Our motivation can tend to wane when we think about managing change in the work place. We tend to groan with anticipated pain.

However, if we reframe our thinking, if we redirect or passions, if we refocus our mindsets just like we do when planning an exciting travel adventure, we will find that the planning, process and outcome will be distinctively different and possibly very exciting and inspiring.

Managing change doesn’t have to be chore anymore. Just imagine the creative possibilities when you choose to look at change in this new light.

Where is your next destination going to be?