Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 2.12.59 pmHave you ever been in a situation where you felt that it leaves stuck in that moment… an argument, a toxic relationship, a seemingly incurable dilemma? The result; leaving us to regularly ruminate about the interaction/s. What do we do to break this thought cycle? How do we do it is so important for our wellbeing and capacity to go forward.

It’s at this time, in our thought life, we have to make some serious decisions. Decisions that matter. Decisions which shift us up a gear and onto the ‘open road’ of free thinking.

Some suggest a long run or a hard work out to clear the mind. While others suggest a good shop or a favourite location helps to bring a clearer perspective. These are some good suggestions but they can only bring us part way to solving this kind of personal challenge.

The second part, and the more complex, is what we decide to do with our┬áthinking. It’s always complex and rarely resolvable in an instant. We must strive, however, to make choices which visibly change our pathway. By this I mean our behaviour must change to match our change in thinking. Saying I’ll stop eating chocolate and then having some a few hours later isn’t matching thinking and behaviour. Saying you will not eat chocolate every day and then eating it only on the weekend does match behaviour with thinking.

To break the cycle we need to stop complaining about the situation. Complaining to ourselves and others is not good for the soul. We also need to stop taking offense. This offense is the birthplace of resentment and there is simply no goodness in resentment. None whatsoever.

Thirdly we need to look for new thinking opportunities. To do this, some people I know write their thinking down, while others share with a mentor to unpack the complexities of thought. I personally find a combination is perfect for me. The conversation with a mentor cuts the complaining out and sets the new thinking on the right track. The writing helps to form an accountability for the new thinking opportunities. Together these two create and support a world of change and┬ámakes all the difference. As a result we can now begin spending our time thinking about what’s to come rather than what caught us up.

As a Horizon Dweller I know the importance of these deliberate actions. Horizon Dwellers know that these steps provide the power and the purpose to embark on the next journey. They know it gets them to the ‘open road’ and sets them on a new course of thinking.

There maybe some other strategies which work for you… Share with us your tools of success.