Each of us make journeys that are life changing. Each of us find these journeys have a finishing point.These finishing points can be as important as the journey itself. Finishing well has so many ramifications. How we finish impacts our lessons from the journey… How we finish impacts how we begin the next journey…
What then are the keys to finishing well?

1. Honour those who have honored you.
2. Strengthen relationships with those about you.
3. Look for opportunity to leave your space in an outstanding way
4. Fill the space you are leaving with a clear and positive feel
5. Share your vision with those around you, leaving a voice of common achievement in the community.
6. Share your vision with those around you so they have a reconnected sense of self to their space, position and the system.
7. Focus your community to a sense hope within the space they are remaining in.

Any space, where humans co-exist, there are complex networks of relationships, important to you and the others in the shared space. It is an ecosystem  – like the image above. This pic is of my favourite walks in the mountains. When I am there I can feel life abounding. Every part of the environment sings in harmony…last time I was there, I just sat and listened to the soundscape – such a beautiful and rich tapestry of wonder! Every aspect of life you can see in the image has an important role to play. When a significant part of the system is removed/changed the balance and integrity of the system is in a crucial phase.  It is the same with human ‘eco systems’. It is important to reconnect people’s sense of place and hope as major shift happens. Much of this can be strategically done while you are existing but some of this re-establishing of healthy systems needs to be done after you have left… once the space has been grounded  and the healing has begun.

As horizon dwellers we should have a mind for others and systems in phases of change. Our mind should be one that  aims to bless and encourage and build a sense of hope. It needs to be strategic and well executed. For no matter how small you think you are you ARE part of that networked system and YOU will effect change as you leave the space.

It’s an honoured position to be in though and therefore one well worth your time, integrity and passion. Be the difference you want to see within the space of change. Be able to look back at the ‘eco system’ you have left and be able to celebrate its stability and growth. This will be beginnings of your next journey, empowered, resourced and with a vision of the next horizon ahead.